Seamless visitor access

with no security compromise 

The MATA visitor management module easily integrates with access control hardware and parking systems. You get real-time visitor reports and analytics. Manage multiple entry points & locations from a centralized dashboard. Highly customizable, our visitor software is used across corporate, factory, schools, residential apartments, hospitals, hotels, events, business, office, and many more businesses.

Scheduled Visitors

Pre- register visitors for a seamless access experience. Access by facial authentication or mobile QR code.

Time-bound Access

Share a QR code for access during a limited time window. Users will gain access without registering their biometrics.



If the premises warrants the display of visitor identity cards, you can also enable card-based access control on the MATA reader.



Register new users and record their health status on the device at the site in less than a minute.



Give access to unannounced visitors by verifying credentials through the video intercom facility.


for Commercial Establishments


for Residential Communities

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