Touch-free Access Control

MATA is a face recognition-based contactless access control system. Create a safer environment for your staff and visitors by enabling contact tracing, screening for fever and face masks for all users.

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One System, Many Functions

'No Mask' Alert

QR scan functionality

QR Code Authentication

temerature screening feature

Temperature Screening

contactless card enabled

Contactless Card Access

fire alarm integration

Fire Alarm Integration

smart ticketing function

Smart Paper Ticketing


Face Recognition

Access Control System

MATA is suitable for all types of users, first time users or those upgrading existing access control systems to contactless. It works for single doors as well as for enterprise deployment across multiple sites and locations.
Accurate Face Authentication
Detects faces with > 99% accuracy
with & without mask
Accurate Face Authentication
Face Authentication

Accurate Face Authentication
Feature-rich Software
Real-time attendance updates; easy enrolment, visitor pre-registration & visitor arrival alerts 
Robust Hardware
Robust Hardware
Unit storage ~ 8000 profiles;
built-in deep learning dedicated chip; supports off-line recognition
best fcila recognition access control
Accurate Face Authentication
Superfast Processing
Authenticates each face within 0.2 seconds. High throughput capacity (20-30 events/min)
Contactless temp check
& mask detection
Contactless temp check & mask detection
Temperature record and mask availability recorded for every event.
Epidemic regulations compliance
Visual & audio alerts, access disablement for abnormal temperature & no-mask events.

Epidemic regulations compliance

Accurate Face Authentication
Flexible Installation
Install as stand-alone system or as interconnected devices for multi-site installations.
Accurate Face Authentication
Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure
Liveness detection, anti-spoofing algorithm,  time-out & time-exceed alarms
Accurate Face Authentication
3rd party software integration Host of web APIs for integration with any ERP/ HRMS systems.
3rd Party Software Integration 

MATA uses advanced hardware and proven recognition technology capable of handling large volumes of foot traffic. This allows us to provide clients with the most efficient processing turnaround times with no compromise on accuracy and security. 

Face recognition
Administrator software 
Temperature measurement sensor
Hardware management 

MATA also develops or integrates with other leading-edge software systems. You can enable access through multiple methods including QR code, contactless cards

Our equipment & feature list can also be customised for clients. A detailed plan can be outlined in consultation with one of our sales managers.

Facial Recognition for Enterprise Access Control


MATA is suitable for all types of users, first time users or those upgrading existing access control systems to contactless. It works for single doors as well as for enterprise deployment across multiple sites and locations.


Whatever type of facility you run, just deploy a MATA reader at each door and enjoy safe and secure access. MATA will work with your existing electro- magnetic locks and cabling.


Provide contactless & seamless access to users across multiple access points in the same office or across multiple sites. Our cloud-based administration software gives security and facility managers the ability to remotely manage physical access control on a single platform.


Visitor Management

Our Visitor Management Solution is suitable for all residential and commercial establishments. Crate a hassle free and safe access experience for visitors even in the  times of an epidemic. Your visitor records can now be a reliable contact tracing agent for the COVID-19 crisis.


Reduce waiting time at the front desk for visitor checks & registration

Avoid using high-risk touch surfaces like visitor log books & visitor badges

Host notification on arrival of visitor at the gate

Body temperature screening and mask detection


Industry Solutions

Our solution can be customised to suit your specific requirements to make access to your premises safe & secure during and after the pandemic. Whatever your type of facility, our flexible deployment options ensures that we have a solution for your access control needs.

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